5 Easy Fat Loss Tips You Can Do Today!


5 Easy Fat Loss Tips You Can Do Today!

Sometimes burning body fat is made very complicated. We look to diet books, new diet research, or complicated programs without covering our basics and setting ourselves up for success that way.

By the end of this blog you will have 5 simple tasks you can begin doing today to give yourself and your body the opportunity to begin burning unwanted body fat.


Our bodies are made and thrive on the backs of a Macronutrient Called “Protein”.

Protein is in charge of healing our body from activity especially exercise and is responsible for other bodily functions like giving cells their structure.

Protein is ESSENTIAL and cannot be made by our body. We must ingest it daily to get its benefits.

The reason why you should care about eating protein is because of a process called “The Thermic Effect OF Feeding”. TEF is a process in which we burn calories while we eat and digest foods.

Guess which macronutrient has the highest TEF?…… Protein.

This is why Tip #1 is calling for you to simply eat more protein. Eat more protein and burn more calories. This most likely will lead to burning more body fat!

Tip #2 Track Your Food.

This is a powerful tool. Tracking your food brings an awareness around what you are putting in your body.

Most often you will find out a few things.

Maybe you aren’t eating enough to put your body in a place where it feels safe enough burning body fat, or you realize how you are over eating food.

Knowing these things typically will lead to you second guessing your nutrition choices and hopefully hold you accountable to what you consume daily.

Tip #3 Drink More Water

60% of you body is made of water.

It is responsible for moving toxins out of your system.

It also is responsible for helping your body to remove waste in the body through different detoxification processes.

Water… The only Real Detox you will ever need. Period.

Tip #3 is to drink more water. 1/2 your bodyweight in ounces is a good rule to live by.

Tip #4 Lift Weights

Calling on body fat for energy requires for you to burn more calories than you consume daily (in theory).

Guess what requires more calories for energy to move our bodies and perform tasks.


How do you build it? Lifting weights consistently.

If you want to burn more fat aka more calories then build more calorie guzzling lean muscle tissue through lifting weights!

Tip #5 Move More.

This seems like a simple tip but I want to take it a step further and attach a number/metric to it.

For some of us, working out is not enough. We need to move more especially considering a lot of our cultural activities and jobs have us desk bound or sitting for hours.

Recently Megan and I did a challenge along with a few other gym members in which we set a goal to take 10,000 steps per day.

This was powerful for us because it required us to move soooo much more every single day.

So Tip# 5 is to move more but not just more… 10,000 steps more.

Take 10,000 steps every day. By now most of us have a watch or fit bit.

If you don’t go on amazon and purchase a pedometer. They are cheap and will give you the information you need to do this task daily.


Fat loss for most people doesn’t have to be complicated.

Obviously there is a much more “sniper like” approach you can take with Coaching.

Use these tips every day and get moving in the right direction to get the body you want for the summer!

Eat protein, Track your food, Drink more water, Lift, and take 10,000 steps per day to get some simple and uncomplicated results.

Written by:

Coach Cody Smith