The Under eating Epidemic


The Under eating Epidemic

You are not eating enough

I’m am gonna make some assumptions here:

  • You want to lose body fat
  • You cut calories and a lot of them
  • You never feel hungry
  • You are always tired and need caffeine
  • You wake up several times a night
  • You lack motivation
  • Worst of all you aren’t losing the weight you want to

You are not alone in these things. It’s extremely common for people to have these patterns of eating and it often stays between them and their goal of being lean.

I believe under eating to be an epidemic.

The amount of people that under eat in our society is alarming. Mix that with low food quality, high stress, and poor sleeping then you have a recipe for disaster.

Our bodies need food and enough of it to function properly. When we under eat for a prolonged period of time our bodies go into a posture in which it stores everything we consume in the form of body fat to use for fuel later. It does this because you body is protecting you as it thinks you are starving. Your organs, bones, muscles, and immune system to name a few begin to degrade and not function properly because of the lack of nutrition.

Most people think that our bodies operate like an bank account. You put in $100, then begin making withdraws until you have surpassed that $100 dollar mark and then you can subtract from body fat right?



The truth

Everyday your body needs a wide range of nutrients and minerals to perform it’s daily functions. Not only that, it needs calories in the form of carbohydrates to fuel your brain and muscles, proteins to heal your bodies cells and muscle fibers, as well as fats to signal and regulate hormones.

When you under eat this interrupts these processes. You also effect your metabolism, which regulates your hunger and how fast or slow you burn energy (aka stored body fat or calories).

You see, this is why I think it’s a real issue. Under eating for a long period of time gives you the illusion that you can’t eat enough food. You are never hungry and you are so used to under eating that your body and metabolism are confused. We just need to reprogram you metabolically and get your intake levels back to sufficient levels.

It never fails me, when I get a client to trust the process and eat the amounts that I ask them to they slowly begin to feel better,  they start to feel hunger and their mood improves.

Guess what comes next…?

They lose the body fat they are wanting to get off.


Losing body fat the right way

When losing body fat you do have to cut calories and get into a calorie deficit. You only want to cut a small amount so that instead of starving yourself you make your body use that stored body fat in your cells for fuel (aka you losing body fat).  Best practice to do that is by tracking your food. Track your food and start seeing how much you eat consistently. Once you see your trends do a simple calculation:

Your Bodyweight x 10-12

This is not exact science but it will give you a ball park number. If your number says you need 2,000 cals and you typically eat 800 cals then you know it is time to step up your intake.

When you start to walk up your food start to look at your Bio Feedback.

Things like:

  • Hunger levels (especially after waking)
  • Sleep
  • Mood
  • Motivation
  • Exercise Performance
  • Focus
  • Less need for caffeine

When these signs improve your know you are on the right path. Your body wants fuel and can handle more food than you may believe at first. If you want to lose body fat and gain muscle, you need to eat enough. A Coach knowledgable in Nutrition is a great resource to get set on a plan. I may know a few……..


Written by:

Cody Smith

Create Yourself Training

[email protected]