Fail to Plan? Then plan to fail.


Fail to Plan? Then plan to fail.

Road blocks

“I don’t have time to workout today, I have too much to do.”

“I’m so tired after work today, I think I am going to skip the gym.”

“I feel like I have no time to workout, I am gonna take some time off until my schedule clears.”

Have you said any of those statements above to yourself before? I have heard each one of those across the 10 years I have been coaching, plus about 100 more common issues people have working against them in their journey. Those are all valid issues that are indeed road blocks in a persons life.

Good thing I have a valid solution for you!


Perfect Planning Discovery

Have you ever tried planning your day? This is a powerful tool in making sure you complete all tasks and stay on target with what is important to you. People fail to use this tool and it is so unfortunate because the clarity it provides is amazing! You stay on task with your goals, you have measurable steps to complete each day, and you find blocks of down time in your life that you can gain productivity in! You can imagine this is important for the busy Mom, busy Dad, and the young college kid who needs to maximize every minute of every day.

So let’s back track about 6 months ago to a time where I was feeling like my time was very limited. I felt overwhelmed as if I wasn’t producing enough value to my members and giving enough of myself to my family.

I discovered the power of planning from listening to a podcast my mentor was on, then went to a seminar about planning your life and was amazed at the clarity of vision I received. Each day I complete several small steps and tasks that help the not only “move the needle” in my life but “break the needle!” This has led to more value to our gym, my athletes, and most importantly my family.


How to do it

Let’s talk how to use this powerful tool.

Step #1 – Pull out a piece of paper. It can be a notepad, journal, post it note, or even your notepad on your phone. Draw a line right down the center. Write tasks on one side, time on the other.

Step #2 – Write down the 3-5 most important things that need to get accomplished that day. *Hint – your health is important

Step #3 – Put in what are called your “big rocks” such as work, family time, lunch, and workout time.

Step #4 – Fill in the rest of the less important things. Like when you check your email, specific times you will answer text messages. These are your “small rocks”. Typically these are the things that you will discover are less important and you can disregard a lot of these things.

Step #5 – Try your best to stick to your plan!

This is an example of my day today. As I complete my tasks I draw a line through them. Notice this blog is on there!



At first this seemed like a silly exercise to me but what I found about this was that it provided so much clarity for me. It gave me an opportunity to follow a plan. I found so much time that was wasted on things that didn’t “break the needle” in my life and I am sure you will too. I work in device free time on the weekends into my plan. We also have a planned family movie night each week that would not be possible if I didn’t stick to my plan. I often used to spend much of my time providing services to others which meant often that I would neglect my training for the day.

That doesn’t happen anymore! Who would want to learn from an out of shape Coach anyway! Try this out, you will find how much time you waste and It will feel rewarding when you complete tasks. The positive feelings you get after you finish your day as planned and focus on whats important is an amazing feeling. ENJOY!!!


Written By:

Cody Smith

Owner Create Yourself Training