Fit While Traveling


Fit While Traveling

You know what time it is.

Holidays are fast approaching and this is where people get derailed. The Holiday parties pick up, you begin to travel everywhere, and then your fitness becomes an after thought.

On the road it is hard to go into gyms because you want to maximize your travel time and time with family.

It’s not that you do not want to workout and we get that.

It’s that you often don’t have a plan.

In this article we want to share our favorite travel workouts and favorite travel workouts to do with minimal equipment.

Workouts with Zero Equipment

#1 You may remember this one as it was a workout that we did during a snow period this past year.

10 Rounds
10 Squats
9 Burpees
8 Lunges
7 Situps
For time…

This was a fun one that got tons of great feedback. The gem inside this workout as always that brought all the “fun” was the burpees. The goal would be to stay consistent in your pace and hang on. You will find your pace inside the first 4-6 rounds and then you can turn it on for the last 6-4 rounds.

#2 This was another great snow day workout for us. Lets also be honest, while traveling it is likely you aren’t exactly sticking to your nutrition plan. With that being know this nice long workout should be great.

20 min amrap

25 Squats
30 sec Plank
15 Burpees
30 sec R side plank
25 Glute Bridges
30 sec L side plank
15 Chair Dips

This is a great full body workout where all you need is a chair. Looking at this workout you may already realize there is no real reason to go fast. Find a sustainable pace you can hold and focus on the quality of each repetition.

#3 I have to be honest, This is one of my all time favorite at home workouts. The blend of different movements makes it both exciting and challenging for anyone who attempts it.

3 Rounds
(30 sec on / 30 sec off)
1) L Leg Step Through Lunge
2) R Leg Step Through Lunge
3) Walk Out Push-ups
4) Elbow Jacks
5) Push-up + Shoulder Tap

Each movement gets 30 seconds of work followed by 30 seconds to transition to the next movement (1 min total per movement). Continue this for all the movements until all 3 rounds are complete.

Here are some explanations of how to do some of these movements:

Step Through Lunge:

Walk Out Push-up:

Elbow Jacks:

Push-up + Shoulder Tap:

All of these are fun and a great workout to do on the fly and require very little warm up. If you do need some ideas on mobility or warmups while you are gone check out our Youtube Page.

Workout with a Dumbbell or Kettlebell

Now that we have laid out a few workouts with no gear lets add in some things to do if you do have that old dumbbell or kettlebell lying around.

Maybe that relative you are visiting has a dusty old dumbbell in the garage or the hotel you are visiting has some light gear to use.

#4 This option is a full body as I find that is always a good option while traveling and exercise frequency is so low. Also, now that we have some gear available to you we can add in some simple strength training.

The workout:

A1) Single Arm Floor Press 10 reps x 4 sets @slow and controlled, rest 20 sec

A2) Single Arm Dumbbell Row 12 reps x 4 sets @slow and controlled, rest 60 sec

B) Dual Dumbbell Romanian Deadlifts 8 reps x 3 sets


“Leg Matrix”

2 Rounds

24 Squats

24 Lunges

24 Jumping Squats

24 Jumping Lunges

As fast as you can…

Now this entire workout if you stay true to the rest periods can be done in under 60 minutes. Be careful with the finisher as it can make you need a wheel chair the next day. If you are a seasoned vet in fitness go get after this one. If not, break the reps down in half and do as a circuit for 8-10 minutes.

Well that is all that we got for you. That was 4 quick and simple workouts you can implement while traveling ad all great options even to save and do at home on the weekends.

As always if you need anything from us do not hesitate to ask.

Written by:

Coach Cody Smith