Functional Fitness Needs Bodybuilding


Functional Fitness Needs Bodybuilding

Misconceptions on Bodybuilding

For years and years I mocked the body building world as most Functional Fitness Athletes normally do and stuck to only compound lifting and what most called “functional training”.

What I failed to realize and what most Coaches in the space still don’t see is that bodybuilding was my base that allowed me to do all of the things that a Functional Fitness Athlete is called on to do.

People like to say that these two things are on opposite spectrums but I disagree. They parallel and should cross paths “most” of the time.

Why should you do bodybuilding?

BodyBuilding builds a base for muscle contractions and strength. When you look at athletes or clients that do well in WODs what you see is that they have a great base of support. One the bodybuilding provides.

Bodybuilding also builds motor control of the muscles. Which is important to have when having to move in dynamic fashion so much. Try taking a step back and working on Bodybuilding type movements in a slow controlled fashion to help work on this.

Aesthetics meets function

Let’s be honest…. we all want to look better. That’s why most of us do this in the first place. Bodybuilding put together in a intelligently build program with functional fitness can give you the benefits of looking great, moving well, and being really strong Functionally.

Any program we make here at CF7C will have these things taken into consideration. This is how we keep people healthy and strong all at the same time. Our programming offers an awesome blend and its how we have done it for years!