Stop talking yourself out of your dreams!


Stop talking yourself out of your dreams!

Is this you?

I’ll start my —> Insert comment <Diet, workout program, stretching routine, weightless journey, muscle gain program> on Monday, or next week, or on New Years…..


Is this you? Be honest! I get these types of statements all the time. I’m gonna dive into some ways of thinking to help you change this mindset!


Tomorrow is not real

Tomorrow is not a real thing when it comes to completion of your goals. It is an excuse! When you say “Tomorrow I’ll start eating healthy” what you are really saying is it is too hard to do today so I’m gonna push it off until tomorrow and hope it feels easier. Do you honestly think it will be?

From tons of experience I have never seen this to be the case. The difficulty of what you want to do will be the same today as it is tomorrow. Enabling yourself with the “tomorrow” mindset is gonna just put off your dream and goal for one more day where you most likely will run into the same problems one day later. Tomorrow will bring more heartbreak and more inaction. Tomorrow is a place where your dream and goals go to disappear.


When to recognize you are on the right path

I have never seen anyone accomplish something great without feeling some adversity. There is always some resistance when you are doing something new and difficult. Anyone who has done something amazing can attest to this. There aren’t really overnight success stories. We have all seen the iceberg analogy haven’t we? The iceberg analogy is simply a picture of an iceberg floating in the sea. The bottom is referenced to the amount of blood, sweat, tears, and adversity that someone has put in to win! The top of the iceberg is the part that shows out of the water. The top is simply the outcome that was reached. But you can’t even see the bottom where all the adversity was. When you want something and your mind begins to try to talk you out of it, know that this means you are on the right path!


Is there a such thing as the right time?

In most cases that a big “NO”. Waiting for the right time typically is another stall tactic. This one is a big one too! The same obstacle stopping you today will be there when “tomorrow” or “the right time” comes. No circumstances will change. Work will still be long, the grocery store will still be just as hard to get to for meal prep food, your kids will still have events to be driven to, and the drive to the gym will be just as difficult. The illusion of tomorrow or waiting for the right time will stall your progress and make it harder and harder to stay true to your plan each time you fall victim to it!


How to fix this

Listen, the secret is there is no secret. Accomplishments are hard, the road is bumpy, and staying focused is tough especially with the distractions around us. I find that most people have not attached something called “The 3 P’s” to their goal. The 3 P’s are Passion, Purpose, and Persistence. Passion and Purpose goes with your “why” for what you are trying to do. These are the feelings and reasoning associated to the goal you want. What is the reasoning for wanting to do what you want to do? Attach this to your goal to give it more power and say your “why” to yourself daily. Last we need to be persistent! Tell the outside world “Not today, I am focused and will not stop until I have reached my final destination!” There is not hack or secret to what you want. Make the goal, attach the plan, and take action on it. Be persistent and you will not lose!


See you in the gym!


Written by:

Cody Smith

Create Yourself Training

[email protected]