Train hard, and don’t get injured


Train hard, and don’t get injured

Everyone wants to workout really hard and not get injured right? The reality though is that this isn’t always the case. When you workout non-stop and do it really hard you may find that things Start to nag. Knees get achy, shoulders feel sore, Hips get tight, and sometimes you find yourself feeling unmotivated and stiff.

If this is you then it is time to listen up! I am gonna lay out 4 things you can start doing today to workout hard and stay pain-free!

Make warmups a priority

We all have done it. We go into the gym, are limited on time, have to either rush through our warmup or jump into a group class late. Sometimes we may not even do one.

I know you have done it! Don’t lie!

The reality is you should 100% do a thorough warmup each Time you train. Now I am not saying you have to spend 30 minutes doing a warmup but I am saying you should do a good one.

Do something that raises your body temperature, Activate the muscles being used, take the joints through a full range of motion, and stretch the areas needed to get you into good positions. If you have something that requires you to be explosive that day then do something to prime your nervous system like slams or jumping.

Warmups are vital for keeping you injury free and preparing your body for a quality training session.

Pay attention to movement quality

Do you do this? IF you don’t you should! How you move is always more important than what you move.

Focusing on how you move your body will almost 99% of the time prevent you from being injured. When you focus on the quality of movement you use all of the muscle groups involved and make your body move safely.

Cool thing about focusing on your quality of movement is that you almost always also get stronger! More muscle involved means more weight lifted and More muscle working hard.

Do lots of unilateral movements

Make sure to train unilateral movements a lot. Unilateral movements are movement that involved a single side, limb, or joint. These movements are typically not very fatiguing to your nervous system yet they provide tons of benefit.

I believe a major majority of all workouts and programs should be mostly unilateral in nature. This makes it to where we can push the volume and allow you to not jeopardize joint fatigue as well as tendon/ligament health.

Unilateral movements also help to fix imbalances that most of us have. Imbalances lead to injury and overuse of muscle groups unless they are rectified.

Check your ego!

If you were to ask me what the number #1 reason people get injured was, I would tell you stubbornness or too high of an ego.

Every day is not a max out day. Sometimes not only is it not everyday but sometimes its not even weekly.

Our bodies are not made to go to max effort of everything everyday. Somedays its important for you to check your ego and do what you are Able to do that day.

Maybe that means if a workout calls for a 3RM you go for a heavy set of 3-reps with really great form. Maybe if that workout wants you to do a certain movement you step back and do another because you aren’t feeling up to it.

Checking your ego and allowing your body to help guide what you should do everyday is very important. If you check your ego and allow a Coach to help guide you there is no doubt you have a higher chance of staying healthy and injury free for the long term!

Written by:

Cody Smith