What’s your goal? Fitness? Competition? Aesthetics? Strength?


What’s your goal? Fitness? Competition? Aesthetics? Strength?

Goals are everything. They dictate everything you do both inside and outside the gym. They can help you to make decisions as well as help you decide how to live everyday.

It is important to have these things thought through because when you talk to any coach at our gym that is the first question we are gonna ask. With the variety of programs we offer it’s important to have these figured out. If not, we can help!


The program you choose for increasing your fitness level hands down is our group class. Our group class is a 60 minute class centered around sound principles of programming, mobility, strength, and metabolic conditioning or cardio.

Each class will get you warmed up and sweaty, stretched out, have you lift to get stronger (most days), and then most importantly get your heart rate up to work on you cardiovascular system.

In our group classes you can expect to Get a great level of fitness as well as a great education on how to move your body better. This will not make you a competitive athlete and you will not workout for more than an hour a day.

The fitness you receive will be broad, general, and inclusive. You will succeed in many tasks, look, great, work toward a great bill of health!

Aesthetics and Strength

This is a great one to discuss as for the most part aesthetics and strength can be achieved over time in our group classes. The way the training goes daily and progresses over time will help you to achieve those things.

However for the aesthetics piece this is where the nutrition comes into play. “You cannot outwork a bad diet”. It simply isn’t possible. You also need to consider that if you are looking to perform well because sometimes great aesthetics will be slightly lagging as you need to fuel your body in such a different way. Our nutrition coaches will tailor your diet a complete different way if performance is your goal more so than aesthetics and vice versa.

For strength this past year we added and additional two layers of services to our gym. The semi-private coaching and small group personal training (StrongHer) were an awesome addition to our offers. We realize that over time that our members want more service and more access to our coaching team. More access in coaching to get strong, and more access to one on one attention from our coaches.

With Small group and semi-private you get just that!

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If your goal is to compete and participate in the sport of fitness both locally and nationwide you need to train differently.

You need to work out more. You need to do more gymnastic skills, you need to lift more. Your entire approach needs to be different. The grind of a competition requires different preparation.

If competition is your goal then we are working on a new program for that and it will blow our old one out of the water. One where each athlete will have their own specific plan and preparation to move them in the direction they seek. More value, more results, more access is the them for this year.

Set Goals

It is important to set goals. Setting goals makes the choice of what track to take so much easier.



Fitness and longevity?


Ask yourself what you want. Then with the most honest answer make the decision to go after the route that supports that the best!

Written by:

Cody Smith