Why you aren’t seeing results…. (A case for tracking Biofeedback)


Why you aren’t seeing results…. (A case for tracking Biofeedback)

Listen, I get it….. your diet is “on point”.

You are “working out hard”.

Yet…… you still aren’t seeing the results you are hoping for are you? You are not alone in this. People around the world are having the same issues you are. The truth is when you are working out correctly and eating correctly I have never seen the body not respond for anybody I have ever trained. The key is trying to get it all right.

I work with clients all the time that are:

  1. Under eating
  2. Not sleeping enough
  3. Under recovering
  4. Working out too much or too little
  5. Not tracking their food intake

So how can we see better results and narrow down what the issues are?

I’ll tell you how…. by tracking something called Biofeedback.

Biofeedback are the markers the body gives us to show something is off. The body is always trying to signal to us when something is wrong. It’s important that we listen close to ensure we are on the right path to results.

When I sit down with a client to discuss why they aren’t progressing, or I have a call with an online client and we discuss how their training is going I ask them a few questions to see how there body is responding.

I ask: How are you sleeping? What is your energy level? How is your mood? Do you have food cravings? How is your motivation? How is your sex drive? These are the types of questions I ask because these are the signals our body will begin to respond differently in when our hormones are out of sync.

Most people want to lose weight, compete in some sort of competition, or gain muscle.

When we train hard for too long and don’t pay attention to these signals for these goals the body begins to be over stressed. Using these signals can tell us when to back off and take the intensity down. It also helps to allow us to use food to fuel our progress and aid in keeping our hormones in healthy ranges. Understanding your Biofeedback is so important to ensure you maintain long-term results.

Losing fat matters. Gaining muscle matters. Increasing your performance matters. But I promise you, none of this will occur if any of the Biofeedback markers are off. And if it does, it won’t continue for long. You can have all the discipline and determination in the world but eventually those signals and you feeling like garbage will win.


So here is what i recommend to do to help fix these problems.

  • First, you need to at least start tracking your Biofeedback weekly or even daily. Here is an example of what i ask my online clients weekly:
  1. What is your energy level on a scale of 1-10?
  2. What is your motivation on a scale of 1-10?
  3. How is your sex drive?
  4. How are you sleeping?
  5. What is your stress level?
  6. How is you hunger?

You can literally keep a journal and ask yourself these questions. If you do and one of them is off, then you should talk to a Coach about how you can remedy a signal.

  • Second, pay more attention to the amount and the quality of sleep you are getting. I like to think of sleep as a “Buy-in” to my workouts for myself and my clients. If that is off, or like me currently you are not sleeping (I have a newborn). Then you need to consider taking down the intensity a bit, or take an extra rest day. Training while under severe fatigue will lead to you literally wasting your time in the gym if you are pushing too hard.


  • Third, take a look at your diet. I can almost guarantee if you are not tracking your food you are either underrating or not having enough protein. You track your workouts why wouldn’t you track your food intake? Your calories, macro nutrients, micro nutrients, and supplements play a vital role in how you feel and progress in the gym.  If you track your food we can manipulate your diet to ensure you aren’t in a calorie deficit for too long and ensure you are recovering the best you can. Click here if you need help with this!


  • Last thing you should do is make sure your workouts are in point. If I am your Coach then they definitely are. I pay attention time domains, weekly fatigue, periodization, and well rounded training. However, if you add extra stuff on the side or don’t follow the process we can throw off some of these metrics. This can go a couple ways. We have what I call the “over trainers”. Which is my crowd of clients that do way more than what is asked for. I’m talking working out 7 days a week, running in the morning, doing a workout that I make for them, then doing extra workouts on their own. Then I have my fitness junkies. This crowd is the “I do every workout I can find” crowd. You may see these athletes at a local YMCA in the morning. Then you can spot them back at another gym doing “Leg day” with friends on their lunch hour. Followed by a CrossFIt gym in the evening. Oh, and lets not forget their evening 5-mile run. I love the hard work and enthusiasm this types of people show, It’s important that we don’t over do it and slow down a bit to ensure we are training optimally.


Look, in reality you can get AMAZING results training for 1-1.5 hours a day. If you want to get fit thats all it takes. Strength train 2-3 days a week, do some sort of metabolic conditioning 2-3 days per week with that, track your food to eat at optimal levels, and sleep well. Then Presto!!!!!!……you will see amazing results. Track these signals if you aren’t seeing the results you want. I can almost guarantee one of them is already off.


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Written by:

Cody Smith

Create Yourself Training

CrossFit in Silverdale, WA