You workout too much!


You workout too much!

Are you working out too much?

Everybody wants to exercise regularly and be active in life. But sometimes people over do it.

Yes you can workout too much.

How people want to look and feel are gonna be individual to each person. But how we get there is gonna be best done by eating enough, and training the right amount without overdoing it.

Our body needs an even blend of these elements to feel good, crush new records, and sleep well.

This looks different for everyone. Maybe you are a person who works out for 60 minutes a day. You run on coffee and other caffeine products, you sleep 4 hours a night, and hits the gym 6-7 days per week

Signs you workout too much

If you are this person pay attention to these symptoms:

  • You feel terrible all the time
  • You have problems staying asleep
  • You have no appetite
  • Constant food cravings
  • Not making progress in the gym
  • Inability to change your body
  • Sick all the time
  • Nagging injuries
  • Mood swings from time to time

How to start correcting this

If you are experiencing these things I’ve got some ideas for you. Rest 2-3 days MORE each week. Eat more food! Minimize your training amounts and intensity for a few weeks. Make sleep a priority.

Do these things and prepare to start to feel better and get back to crushing goals like you did in the past!

It is important to remember when you workout you aren’t actually getting better. It is the time after your workouts that you get better. Make sure to balance the amount of stress you put on your body with the appropriate things that help take away stress.

Written by:

Cody Smith